Improve, perfect and innovate

The philosophy that has driven TSA for more than 30 years is summarized in two words Constant Evolution.
TSA works hard every day innovating to meet the professional sound market trends, engineering and manufacturing a wide range of high performance products to supply solutions for any mobile or permanent installations.


This is the TSA R & D department set of mind, looking forward always. 
We research, test and analyze new materials, technologies and manufacturing processes in order to improve and create revolutionary sound systems.
We invest in R & D to bring high level solutions to the market, creating a powerful new dimension in the sound reinforcement industry.


Growing with you
The satisfaction of well done job is rewarded when the audience appreciates and enjoys the quality of our systems in live events and fixed installations.


  • PA for stadia, rental companies, theatres, conference room, houses of worship, TV studios, shopping centres and sport centres.
  • TSA® Engineering Department is open to the development of OEM products and new manufacturing projects.
  • Technical Support and Technical services. All TSA products have two years’ warranty.

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